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What Are You Made Of? (W.A.Y.M.O.) is a movement created by Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco.

What You'll Get:

Benefit 1

7 weeks of 90-minute ZOOM video calls in which we will cover C-Roc's proprietary WAYMO(RE) Method to growing your business while removing things you hate.  

Benefit 2

Ability to text C-Roc directly during the course of these 7 weeks with questions or for advice

Benefit 3

A great opportunity to connect and network with the other members of the W.A.Y.M.O. Crew

Benefit 4

A free copy of my forthcoming book
What Are You Made Of? set to be released mid-2020

Benefit 5

50% discount on upcoming live Mastermind events (destinations to be determined in 2020)

Benefit 6

Incomparable investment in yourself and your business

Students will walk away with:

  • Clarity on what kind of life and business that they want.
  • The activity or activities they should be doing immediately that will make the biggest difference and move them closer to their goal.
  • Knowledge of what to stop doing in their business or what to give to someone else to do.
  • Confidence and accountability to achieve those things
  • New connections/relationships
  • And much more!

I promise, on the first call, to deliver information that has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me and my team.


Where did there W.A.Y.M.O. Movement come from? 

It was built around the fire that was lit in him at the young age of eleven after his father gave up on him. The 2 things that keep replaying in his mind from that moment are: (1) I will not let him be right and (2) I am committed to helping others that have been in similar situations where they feel like they have been given up on or they lack direction in their lives or businesses.

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The cost of the program is $1195, but if you act now you will save $600 (which makes the investment less than $150/week). 

I promise on the first call to deliver information that has been worth $100's of thousands of dollars to me and my team.